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Homoeopathy & Menstrual cycle awareness:

a quest to know the woman you are

A new journey, your journey…

In 2016 I started a wonderful journey with the Red School, exploring the power of menstruation.

Nature gave us a powerful tool, I am discovering something new every day about myself, learning to know what my mind&body needs. I feel I have a wonderful extra tool with homoeopathy to help in our capacity to journey towards health.

Trial for PCOS using Natural Homeopathic Treatment

Trial for PCOS using Natural Homeopathic Treatment I am currently running a trial using Natural Homeopathic treatment for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and have 10 more available spots for those interested in participating. The Trial is for use in my own private...

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Menopause with Sudden Hot Flushes

Menopause  with Sudden Hot Flushes This case is shared with permission. This lady was 51 years old when she came to me because her hot flushes were bothering her. She wanted help with her Menopause symptoms. Her hot flushes were 2-3 times a day and several times...

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Menopause transition and the New Year!

This is the New Year- a new transition into the unknown challenges of 2017. Menopause is a bit like The New Year; it means a transition and change, almost as if your body is not big enough to hold your life essence the way it used to be. It is an opportunity to...

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