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I treat Menopause, PCOS & Endometriosis, most acute & chronic health conditions internationally, I am very happy to do it in French too!





I Consult for most acute & chronic health condition

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I offer consultations for PCOS & Endometriosis. I recommend a natural, non-toxic, EFFECTIVE form of medicine, which can work alongside conventional medication. The way I work works well… really well, I typically expect to see improvements within three appointments.

Causes of PCOS & Endometriosis


For PCOS while the exact cause of PCOS is unknown, doctors believe that hormonal imbalances and genetics play a role. Women are more likely to develop PCOS if their mother has the condition.

Overproduction of the hormone androgen may be another contributing factor. Androgen is a male sex hormone that women’s bodies also produce. Women with PCOS often produce higher-than-normal levels of androgen. This can affect the development and release of eggs during ovulation. Excess Insulin (a hormone that helps convert sugars and starches into energy) may cause high androgen levels.


For Endometriosis, endometriosis UK says:

The actual cause of endometriosis is unknown. There are several theories about the cause of endometriosis, but none fully explains why endometriosis occurs.

It is possible that a combination of the following factors could be causing endometriosis to develop in some women:

Retrograde menstruation

Genetic predisposition

Lymphatic or circulatory spread

Immune dysfunction

Environmental causes



Are PCOS & Endometriosis really healable?


WE can resolve with effective homoeopathic remedies the symptoms of many women, to rebalance the hormonal system and well being.  What I mean is they feel better in themselves.


PCOS & Endometriosis Treatment:


Your homoeopathic treatment plan will be tailored to you individually, depending on your symptoms and the state of your health.


I use Classical Homoeopathy, I will prescribe the best remedy that matches you completely. I might add some detoxifying methods such as taking in a homoeopathic form, a medication/vaccine you had in the past.

Sometimes Homoeopathic nosodes are necessary where there is a strong family history of a particular disease, we know in both PCOS & Endometriosis can be in some cases passed down from mother to daughter etc. Or a need to heal the damage to the gut, and  Insulin relating issues.

Homoeopathy is holistic, natural, gentle and effective. Homoeopathy works alongside all conventional medicines.

  • Specialising in women’s menstruation health and fertility, treating pregnant mothers, babies, infants, children and adults
  • I also see clients with common acute and chronic illnesses such as anxiety, depression, grief and common ailments such as earaches, colds and chest infections
  • You will receive your own tailored individual treatment
  • I can help with homoeopathic detoxification of HPV (Gardasil /Cervarix), MMR, Child Immunisations, Antibiotics, Steroids, Anaesthetics, Hormonal treatments, The Pill, IVF and  Implants

I consult globally so getting in touch is easy through phone, Skype, email or face to face in Malvern and Hits the Spot.

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