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Do you feel tired all the time?


Have you experienced mood swings around your period, or find your skin breaks out in spots?


Sounds Familiar…?

Is your Menstrual Cycle too heavy, irregular, painful with dramatic mood swing?

Perhaps you have landed on this website because you feel stressed, tired or low in mood and don’t know what kind of therapy could help you.

Every month you’re irritable, emotional and are suffering with digestive disturbances and skin problems as a result.

You find it really hard to say no, so take on far too much.

You ‘just don’t feel well’ and aside from prescribing the contraceptive pill or anti-depressants, your doctor hasn’t really been able to help either.

Welcome, you’re in the right place.

The reason I want to work with woman like you is because I have just seen many woman experiencing some or all of these symptoms and homoeopathy is the perfect way to help

I understand through my own journey as a menstruating woman, and as a mother how hormones play a part in our daily life. With homoeopathy as a medicine you can rebalance your body beautifully

Wellwoman Homoeopathy

As a woman and a mother I have developed a particular interest and passion for girl’s and women’s health through all stages of our lives from menarche (the first menstruation) to menopause. I cover the following areas:

  • Teenagers suffering with menstrual problems e.g. period pain, irregular cycle, heavy bleeding
  • Adult women suffering from period pain, PCOS, endo, heavy bleeding etc
  • Infertility
  • Pre and post natal health (e.g. morning sickness, heartburn, preparation for birth, pain relief during birth, post natal recovery, post natal depression, breast feeding)
  • Peri-menopause and menopause (e.g. mood swing)

“My sessions with Violaine have been clearing, Physically, emotionally and mentally. I feel all the stuckness I have been experiencing in my health and my life is at last lifting.  Violaine listens to you deeply and has a lovely nature combined with skill and clear intuition, she gives you just the right remedy.”

About the consultation

Your homoeopathic treatment is individualised—it is specific to you. For example, six different people coming to see a homoeopath for the same skin condition may be given six different remedies.

Remedies are selected that not only match your exact symptoms, but relate to you as a person and often take into account the types of illnesses in your family history. This is why the homoeopathic consultation takes time. It involves finding out about your illness in detail, how you experience it, your full medical history, your family medical history, your physical constitution and what sort of person you are.

Treatment is given over a period of several months for a chronic condition and some patients will receive more than one remedy in that time.

About the remedies

Homoeopathic remedies are made from a wide variety of plant, animal and mineral sources, and prepared in a particular way called potentisation.  They can be given as small, sweet-tasting tablets or as water-based solutions. Your remedy may be given as a one-off dose or according a daily or weekly schedule. I sometimes prescribe herbal tinctures alongside or prior to homoeopathic remedies if appropriate.

Homoeopathy works well alongside regular medicines without interfering with them. This makes it safe for people with chronic conditions even when patients are on established drug regimes.

With chronic conditions, it is advisable to keep your doctor informed of your homoeopathic treatment. If you wish to make changes to your conventional medication in response to an improvement in symptoms, it is important that you do this with the guidance of your doctor.


Payment is per consultation and can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer at the end of each consultation.

First consultation – $100 / €100 / £75 / CHF 100

The first consultation (60-90 min). During this appointment we will build a treatment plan together and work out what remedies you require.

Follow-up – $100 / €100 / £75 / CHF 100

Follow-up appointment (45-60 min). We will discuss responses to the remedies for a follow-up prescription.

Telephone and support during acute illnesses £5-£25


Payments can be made on booking or at each consultation.


Payments can be spread in installment by prior arrangement.