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Trial for PCOS using Natural Homeopathic Treatment

I am currently running a trial using Natural Homeopathic treatment for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and have 10 more available spots for those interested in participating. The Trial is for use in my own private practice, and not a clinical trial. for those who qualify to take part in the trial, I will provide 3 months of treatment at reduced cost of £45 instead of the usual £65 including remedies.

Why not give Homeopathy a go, we will take a look at your history, who you are as a person, individualize your symptoms and of course look into your menstrual cycle and hormonal health, how do you experience and deal with life in generals. Homeopathy is gentle, works at the root cause and optimizes your hormonal levels.

Contact me via email: info@violaineking.com.

All consultations will take place on WhatsApp or FaceTime. Please share this post with your sisters.