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This is the New Year- a new transition into the unknown challenges of 2017. Menopause is a bit like The New Year; it means a transition and change, almost as if your body is not big enough to hold your life essence the way it used to be. It is an opportunity to release something which is no longer viable in the form it used to be. We can relate it to entering into your Autumn of your life. It is not unlike your pre-menstrual time of your menstrual cycle.

My long and complex experience of trialling Homoeopathic remedies with menopausal women, together with my hugely productive and exciting training with the Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship, has given me great insight into using knowledge of the menstrual cycle as a healing method. They are two undeniably powerful tools to use in the treatment of the mental and physical symptoms of menopause.

Homoeopathy use remedies tailored to each person’s symptoms. Some remedies are particularly renowned for their success in highly specific areas, however, and in Homoeopathy for menopause we often use the remedy Lachesis.

Lachesis are people who are excitable and talkative, constantly complaining. Speaking rapidly and jumping from one subject to another, they fear being poisoned and are often insomniacs. They enjoy a drink, but have a range of things they cannot tolerate, such as extreme cold or heat, and a tight scarf due to the feeling of constriction around the throat. Everything is worse on the left side of Lachesis folk, but in particular they suffer from a congested face, malaise, thirst with dry mouth, sensation of suffocation and palpitations.

Another remedy is Sepia, the Cuttlefish ink. Sepia people have a dark view on things, indifferent to everyone and everything; they take refuge in solitude. They have general weaknesses, with easy perspiration of an offensive odour. They feel worse in the morning and evening and at the new moon and full moon. Sepia woman feels much better after physical exercise. In particular, she may suffer the following: a wave of heat which begins in the abdomen and rises to the face and head, followed by shivering, sweating and a sensation of cold in the back, with extreme weakness, headache and the need for fresh air.