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Homeopathy can help when you have Painful Periods

Do you suffer from Painful Periods? The Menstrual Cycle is here to serve you. Just think of the menstrual cycle as the seasons of the year for a minute. What does winter represent for you? For me, Nature is on hold, stillness is present! Have you ever been in a place where snow is everywhere? Can you feel the stillness in the air? That moment in winter is my favorite. Menstruation, your periods, is the winter time.  If you experience painful periods, don’t panic, your body is just asking for a little help. Maybe you need to stop and feel utterly present to your experience, you may find that it is enough for the pain to ease or become bearable. This time is very special whatever your day holds, find a way to move slowly. To carve out some time to rest and do nothing! I know we are very busy in our society, I urge you to give it a go, maybe a homeopathic dose? 1% of your time?  Homeopathy is a great support too and I have come up with a few remedies for you.

  • Mag-Phos is a woman who is having severe cramping, forcing her to bend double. Her pain will be relieved by a hot water bottle or having a hot bath. Emotionally, she is oversensitive to pain and may be irritable or weeps.
  • Sepia is a woman who is having early, late, irregular or profuse periods. They feel a dragging down sensation or prolapse as if everything is falling down, and is much better for crossing her legs. Emotionally, she feels irritable and a desire to be left alone.
  • Pulsatilla is also a woman with a “bearing down” sensation, the difference between sepia and pulsatilla:  sepia desire is to be alone but pulsatilla loves attention and affections like cuddles. Emotionally, she feels weepy and loves to be looked after.
  • Colocthynthis is a woman who has cramping pain which is worse for drinking and eating. Bearing down cramps, causing her to bend double with great restlessness. The pains are always relieved by pressure. The ovaries have cysts and tumors on them. Emotionally, she is extremely irritable, she is also easily angered if she gets offended.


If you have painful periods, I can help you, don’t continue to suffer, take action.  If you have a history of taking hormonal contraception, I have used a contraceptive detox protocol and it works very well and creates a huge change in my client’s menstrual issues.

 If what you read here resonates with you, Please contact me if you have further questions or need an appointment. Email me at info@violaineking.com or PM me on messenger.