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Menopause  with Sudden Hot Flushes

This case is shared with permission.

This lady was 51 years old when she came to me because her hot flushes were bothering her. She wanted help with her Menopause symptoms.

Her hot flushes were 2-3 times a day and several times during the night. She experienced sudden flushes of heat and needed to take the cover off, which helped. Her scalp felt hot, and she was damp between the breasts. The flushes were worse at night and took longer to go than during the day. They went from the chest up to the head.

I continued to ask questions about her general health. She would get suddenly warm while working as a holistic practitioner. She was easy going and reserved, joking “I wait for the right moment!”. She struggled with occasional sharp pain in her wrist. She liked being at home but loved traveling and had developed a desire to do more traveling. She also reported lots of groaning and moaning during her sleep.

After looking into a book called The Homeopathic Clinical Repertory, I chose the remedy Belladonna 30c, which fitted with all the symptoms above.

She came back a month later to report an excellent outcome:

“I took one pillule when I received them and a few more while I was having the hot flushes. The hot flushes gradually pitted out that week than the week later nothing. Everything is a lot calmer, even my sleep has improved.  However, my wrist has got worse with throbbing pain; gripping is really bad.”

I prescribed Calc Carb 30c, for two reasons.  There is a link between Belladonna and Calc. Belladonna is the acute remedy for Calc carb, which is needed frequently to complete a cure.  Secondly, her symptoms fitted her general picture of the remedy calc after the belladonna layer was dealt with.

She has remained well since then.  No more hot flushes!

If Menopause and hot flushes strike a chord with you, and you would like to have an informal chat or book for an initial appointment drop me an email.