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What clients have said

“I also asked Violaine for help when I was feeling quite bleak and not really understanding why. She was very encouraging and reassuring and I found myself telling her things that I had not shared with anyone else. She doesn’t judge or criticise; she just listens and then finds the right remedy. In my case the treatment made me feel calm within a day and within a month I had changed from believing there was no way I could afford to go part time to having spoken with my boss and set the wheels in motion for a reduction in hours as from the autumn. I felt completely empowered. It may seem hard to believe that a little pillule can make a difference, but it certainly did for me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and see Violaine about anything else which may defy more conventional treatment. I thoroughly recommend her.”

“I came to Violaine whilst dealing with post viral exhaustion. I had been ill for over three months. However if I am honest not feeling well for at least 18 months before due to much stress from family concerns.  It was March when I sought help and now it is the end of June and I am feeling energised, calm, and getting back on track with my health and my life. Definitely a good decision.”

“My sessions with Violaine have been clearing, Physically, emotionally and mentally. I feel all the stuckness I have been experiencing in my health and my life is at last lifting.  Violaine listens to you deeply and has a lovely nature combined with skill and clear intuition, she gives you just the right remedy.”

“Homeopathy has been the glue that held me together, while I picked up the pieces of the wreckage after my mum passed on. I always knew in my heart that I needed remedies, and Violaine was excellent at working through it with me, to find the right one. Her knowledge of the thousands of possible remedies is impressive and, at a most frightening time, gave me confidence that I was giving myself the best possible help I could.

Over several months, I journeyed from being in a state of shock and total fear, through a new understanding of the impact of mum’s illness on my mind and body, having the courage to relax and let go again, to finding a whole new level of self-respect, contentment and at last, joy.

And it’s not just the remedies, it was Violaine a person, what she stands for. She is brave, warm, and positively grounded in love. Her faith in her work and in me was absolutely unshakeable! Violaine and homeopathy gave me my life back.”

“I have known Violaine for several years and sought her homoeopathic services recently, when my youngest son was going through a difficult patch and suffering a lack of confidence. She handled his concerns very sympathetically, asking questions in a way he would understand and making him feel safe. I was amazed at how thorough her questioning was and how imaginative. The two remedies she subsequently prescribed over the course of a few weeks had a marked effect and the problem abated.”

“After trying conventional medicine for warts for more than 30 years and them coming back again and again I decided to try a different approach and went to see Violaine on the recommendation of a friend. Within 1 month all the warts had gone, even the ones that had been there continually for 30 years, I am utterly amazed and now open minded to what Homeopathy can offer”

“Having a history of childhood eczema which reappeared a few times in my adult life I was unable to bring a recent outbreak under control with conventional medicine, a friend recommended trying Homeopathy so I went to see Violaine – kind and loving by nature Violaine instantly put me at ease and after looking at every aspect of my lifestyle she has successfully treated my eczema.”

“I would like to thank Violaine for her help during a difficult time. After several trips to doctors and getting nowhere i made an appointment with Violaine and came away with a good idea of what the problem was. She then put together a homepathic remedy for me which after a few days of taking seemed to help. I went back to see Violaine again and after a few months was back to my normal self. I woud definetly recommend Violaine to anyone, she is very professional, helpful and friendly.”